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Lightning Capital provides multiple options to get your invoices paid out fast and affordably on finished jobs.

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Use our calculator to get an estimate of how much working capital you can have access to within 2-days (or immediately based on your plan)

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Creating an account can be done online—no credit checks or contracts when you sign-up—or with an onboarding specialist. This is just so we can get to know you and find the best solution for your capital needs.

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Meet Your Dedicated Rep and Set-Up Funding

After creating an account or scheduling an onboarding, your dedicated representative will meet with you to establish your funding and plan. And that’s it!

We have been using Lightning Capital for over a year now and are very pleased. It allows us to continue cash flow without having to wait weeks for payment from Lynx and SGC. The customer service is second to none also. I would recommend them to any glass shop and will continue to use them.

Brian L.

Since partnering with Lightning Capital, our journey has been remarkable. Your team's expertise and dedication have played a pivotal role in jump-starting our operations. From facilitating crucial financial resources to offering strategic guidance, LC has been instrumental in propelling our growth. Together, we are confident that we can achieve even greater milestones in the auto glass industry.

Juan P.

Lightning Capital has made my life so much easier! I was scared I'd have to wait a month to get paid. But then upon my discovery of LC that wasn't the case. The fact that I get paid as soon as insurance gives the approval is just unheard of! A giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders each time I EDI a job & get paid in a few days! I have zero complaints & wanted to say thank you!


Taking a leap of faith opening a new glass shop comes with a lot of worries. One of those being the cash flow that sustains the day to day operations like expenses and payroll. Lightning Capital eliminated that worry for us. We are able to focus on building our clientele, growing our business, and our future. Two and a half years later and we are still growing strong. LC is a blessing to have as a new business. Thank you LC!

April M.

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Better Together: Lightning Capital & GlassBiller All-in-One

We know glass shop bottlenecks and headaches because we've run into them ourselves. That's why we created GlassBiller to supercharge your auto shop.

Unified Parts
Ordering and Tracking

Interactive Scheduler
with Live Updates

Built-In Customer

Elimination of

Synced Invoices
with QuickBooks

Centralized Work
Order Management

Lightning Capital - Upfront Values

Upfront Values

  • Clear Pricing and Fees
  • No Minimum Funding Volumes
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • Zero Time-Commitment
  • No Limit to Capital Needs
  • No Credit Check
  • Tailored Solutions and Flexible Fees
Lightning Capital - Upfront Values

Ease of Use

  • Simple Rates and Pay Schedules
  • Streamlined Sign-up Process / Lightning Fast Onboarding
Lightning Capital - Upfront Values

Funding Specs

  • Funding within 24-Hours*
  • Flexible Funding / Invoice-Backed Funding Options
  • Automated Funding with GlassBiller
  • ACH and Wire Transfer Options
Lightning Capital - Upfront Values

Trust and Support

  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Transparent and Direct Lines of Communication
  • Full suite of reports

Let Lightning Capital Do the Work for You—Lightning Fast!

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