Our Story

Lightning Capital


From our own beginnings as a small auto glass shop in Phoenix, Arizona, we learned very quickly how the disjointed and unreliable payment structure for auto glass claims could negatively impact the expansion of our business. We found ourselves in a continuously  frustrating cycle where our own success and growth occurred at the expense of our financial  resources, making it difficult, if not impossible, to continue growing. Far from being alone, it  soon became apparent that many shop owners were struggling with the same issues and had  the same frustrations. 

That’s when we thought, ‘There has to be a better way of doing  business!’ 

So we set out to find it. Through years of hard work, Lightning Capital really has  become the foremost funding source in the industry. And we didn’t stop there. We went on to  develop a premiere management and billing platform, GlassBiller, which has opened even more doors for shop owners to manage their companies successfully. 

As we’ve always  said, our success is only a reflection of your success, and we truly look forward to many more years of those shared successes.